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Actividades de networking

El proyecto ZELDA colabora activamente con: 

  • Improving water management efficiency at industries with organic load -
  • Improving Water Reuse at the coastal areas by an advanced desalination process. - OFREA
  • In situ treatment technology for drinking water production from nitrate-polluted water.-InSiTrate
  • Decreasing the environmental impact of waste management: An innovative leachate treatment using recovered membranes.-RELEACH
  • Reverse Electrodialysis alternative power production - REAPower
  • Purificación de aguas residuales con aceites, grasas e hidrocarburos - PURIWAT
  • Nuevo tratamiento terciario para reducir microcontaminantes orgánicos procedentes de PPCP (Productos Farmacéuticos y de Cuidado Personal) - WATOP
  • Development of a cogeneration demonstration plant from biomass forest bales - BIOBALE